Monday, July 23, 2007


Hi everyone!
So although I'm flying solo this trip, I'm determined to make this blog interesting enough to make you want to join me. For those of you spontaneous enough to buy a last minute ticket, here's a brief version of my itinerary:
30 July-8 Aug: Buenos Aires
9 Aug-13 Aug: South Africa (Johannesburg)
14 Aug-25 Aug: India (Bangalore & Coorg)
26 Aug-3 Sept: Bali, Indonesia
4 Sept-6 Sept: San Francisco
6 Sept: NYC
See you all soon!


Mysterious Anonymous Person III said...

Okay. I'll meet you in South Africa. I'll be the one that all the animals are gathering around, cooing and giggling...

Amrit said...

Have a great time! We will be waiting to hear about all your adventures.Love, Mom.

Vinod said...

Reading Borges in BA is the next best thing to reading him in original spanish, so more power to you, come back an accomplished Tango dancer and that will be a memory that will last a lifetime.Love, Vinod

Amrit said...

Hi Minny. It was so lovely to read about your first day in BA.I am sure you will like your leather coat more than the one you were taking!Don't forget to bargain!!Love, Mom.