Sunday, September 9, 2007

Coming Home and Signing Off

After a few days at my parents' place on Staten Island, I'm back home in New York City, jet-lagging but grateful for a wonderful trip. Not solely because I got to see and do some pretty cool things, but because writing to all of you made traveling alone a lot more fun and interesting. Actually, it made it feel like I wasn't traveling alone. So thank you.

Some people deserve individual shout outs. Madhuri, Jenna, Emily, Sherif, Sona, and Janet come to mind, for their quick replies to emails when panic set in and I feared becoming a social pariah. Devoted readers Dharshan and Corey (and Amaya) also deserve mentioning. My family in India and Clive and Margaret in South Africa, for being gracious hosts. The friends who either entertained or rescued me: Braian, Jony, Arno, Fatima, B.J., Manmeet, and Anu, to name a few. And of course, most importantly, my most devoted readers and cheering squad, my parents, for making this possible and for not freaking out.

I will be sending some of you links to photos as soon as I can (I think I might have left the CD at my parents' after a photos, beer, and Mom's food binge on Friday night). And I promise to stay in touch better than before, even though school is starting and my books are plotting to take me hostage.

With much love,


Anonymous said...

Dear Minny,

I just found out about your blog last week when we came to New York to leave Ravi at school. Amrit mentioned that and showed us the Coorg pictures. Since then I have enjoyed reading your travel fun events. I wish you had told me about this before you left! I to enjoy traveling but due to work, I do not get to go away for long. I'm glad you took this opportunity because one never knows when such a chance may come again.

At least now you can say you are an expert of all the different male creatures of the world!

Best wishes for your new year and we hope to see you soon. Lots of love.


Anonymous said...

i know what you did last summer.
and i know what you did last teusday!

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Tacy said...

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