Monday, June 13, 2011

The Complete and Utter Boredom of Being Chased

I hated playing tag as a kid. I couldn't understand running around in circles, pretending that your friend was a threat. Worse was having to chase other people--I found it annoying to run after them only to be evaded or start up again if I caught them.

I'm starting to wonder if this is why I hate dating so much. I know how to get guys to chase me (full disclosure: it took me longer than the average American woman to figure this out). It's not that hard--mainly you just need to be aloof. But it's so incredibly boring. I mean really, what a ridiculous waste of energy that could be better spend building something with that person.

I can see how some women may like the ego-boost inherent in this game, i.e., the one who cares less has more power. But power isn't love. It isn't even close. It's eventually toxic, like too many Flintstone vitamins (I nearly OD'd on Spider-Man vitamins as a kid, perhaps another reason I'm not intoxicated by this game--I know the downside of too much artificial boosting.)

Am I alone in this, dear readers? Is there some appeal to this whole game of dating that I'm missing?

I think not. Which means I'm doomed to die alone in a house with 9 cats. But I suppose I'd have to chase after them, too.

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Anonymous said...

saying women have to be aloof to get a guy is like saying women only like jerks. dating is hella annoying though.

john smith jr.