Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Q&A with Chris Price After 48 Hours in India

Thanks to everyone who's been following this crazy trip on social media (#chrisandminny). Some of you seem more interested in Chris's impressions of India than in my perspective on what it's like traveling with him, so in the words of George Price, know your audience and give them what they want.

We caught up with Chris in a luxurious suite at the J.W. Marriot (thanks Mom!) at 5am when neither he nor I could sleep because of jet lag.

MB: So Chris, what's been your favorite part of this trip so far?

CP: The food.

MB: Anything in particular?

CP: Umm...no.

MB: You're making this difficult. Give more full answers.

CP: Well, let me think about it baby.

[Chris fiddles with the Lavazza machine for about 3 minutes, trying to make an espresso.]

I love the fact that when it comes to the food, everything is either really sweet or really spicey.

MB: Is there anything about Indian culture that you'd like to export to America?

CP:  I'm not sure I have enough sample size of that. But...I'd say the nonstop aggressive driving without any real aggression in it.

MB: I know it's nice how you can shout at people without worrying about anyone pulling a gun.

CP: Or even just being that upset by it.

MB: What's been the most difficult thing to adjust to?

CP: It's been truly hot for me, and I know this isn't as hot as it gets.

MB: Who's family is more eccentric, yours or mine?

CP:  Too close to call.

MB:  What stories are you planning to tell Jen and Chris at the Vienna Inn when we get back?

CP: I mean, how can it be anything other than a nonstop narrative. [Waits while I type.]
I don't think this Q&A is working out.

MB: On a scale of 1 to 10, how annoyed are you with me and this process?

CP: This is like every conversation you and I ever have. [Chris mimics my voice.] "Let me ask you about feelings." [Accosts me with cheek kisses as I ignore him and continue typing.]
Actually, my favorite part of India so far is how much being in India brings out your New Yorker side. I've seen several arguments with you and your mother -- not with each other -- and it's NBD. [That's No Big Deal, in Chris-speak.]

[Chris is silent for another minute.]

MB: Well, that's really our Punjabi genes coming out. But since you mention feelings...what are your feeling goals for this trip? [Feeling goals are a new thing a friend told me about where you set goals on what you want to feel, not on external situations since 1) you can't control every outcome and 2) sometimes what you think will make you happy doesn't, so it's better to focus on being happy and adjust your goals accordingly.]

CP: That concept is so fascinating to me. It's like asking, What are your weather goals? How is that relevant? It's a nonsense question.

MB: OK, thanks for your time. I'll let you know when we run the piece. Safe travels to Coorg -- hope you have a great time!

CP: I don't know...give me a little time to think about the answers....[after 5 minutes of silence] When I get home and start driving, the temptation to be non-stop honking my horn is going to be hard to resist.

MB: Anything else you'd like to tell your fans?

CP: I could ride around all day just experiencing the city traffic.

MB: Do you want to share your new life goal with everyone?

CP: Oh yeah, if I could ever successfully drive on these streets, I would know I've made it.

MB: Okay, thanks for your time, baby. Looking forward to spending 5 hours in the car with you today as we drive down to Coorg!

Editor's note: Chris is an introvert. The real-time transcription of this interview is a good example of why interviewers should give introverts the questions in writing ahead of time. Just a professional tip since the occasion presented itself. NBD.


Christopher Cormie said...

Great point about introverts. I have never heard of traffic described like that. Funny to think that he drives hours every shift with sirens screaming, but feels that a horn is more powerful. Keep well and always eat medium rare pork from roadside vendors.

Lauren Vasil said...

OMG. This is priceless. 'Scuse the pun. Actually, maybe it should be Pricefull??

Minal Bopaiah said...

Lauren, we were going to choose #ThePriceisRight as the official hashtag for this trip, but I thought that would go to his head. :-)

Crowhill said...

"Let me ask you about feelings."

I like him. :-)