Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fleeting thoughts before leaving Beunos Aires

My flight to South Africa is later tonight, but here are some final photos and thoughts before leaving BA.
1. When you order coffee or tea, they give you a shot of soda water with it. I don´t know why this idea hasn't caught on in Europe or the States yet.
2. If you click on Emily's blog on the left, she has a nice analysis of the pros and cons of the seated throne versus the squat toilet. I think the bidet deserves an equally eloquent ode, especially since a crudely exposed tap and plastic pitcher await me in India.
3. The men in Argentina have no shame is staring at a woman, and it's unlike anything I've ever experienced. I mean, the men in New York will, usually, try to be discreet, and in Italy they'll tease you, but the men here simply stare. Occasionally, it's flattering, but often I want to channel the drill Sargent from An Officer and a Gentleman and shout, "Why are you eyeballing me, boy?"
4. After meeting a bunch of really nice and really beautiful women, I have decided that we all have the same problems with men and most of us are under-appreciated.
5. To be fair to men, I've also so met some really kind and generous ones who have showed me the city and given me some of the best compliments. My favorite was when one suddenly grabbed my hand and said "you're such a nice girl!" No one in New York ever compliments anyone on being nice or kind. Beautiful, yes. Smart, maybe. But never nice. Which is a shame; it's really my favorite one.

The patio at my hotel.

El Caminato in La Boca.

La Boca.

Eating Indian food at Bangalore, which was oddly designed like an English pub.


Sherif said...

nice? that's your favorite one? anyone can do that. and what about the unsung compliments like "emotionally unavailable" or "effortlessly slothful"? think outside the box bopaiah.

Amrit said...

You look so rested and content in the picture. Wish you could go there more often. Love, Mom.

jenna said...

dude. nice girls finish last. duh.

(and they aren't exactly world renowned for their LNAs...OR their sexy red heels...)

plus. everyone knows you're nice. you work with sesame street, for god's sake.

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