Friday, August 3, 2007

What to do on a rainy day?

So, it´s official, if you´re going to do Buenos Aires, do it in the summer. It rained all day today, and it´s so cold, even the tourists don´t want to go out.

That being said, it´s also perfect museum weather. I went to the MALBA, the big modern art museum here, akin to MOMA (Funny how modern art museums like their abbreviations). Like most modern art museums, somethings were nice, but others were just weird. Just because it´s art doesn´t mean it´s good.

However, lunch in the museum cafe was spiced up with the arrival of a French/Luxembourg man who spoke English! (Yes, I have become an obnoxious American tourist who demands everyone speak English to me. If the British made my ancestors accommodate them, I figure the rest of the world should accommodate me. By the way, does anyone know what people from Luxembourg are called?). He then steered me towards the Museum of Fine Arts, which was amazing. It had collections on top of collections of the European masters, from Monet to Pissaro to Renoir to Picasso. There was a Van Gogh painting there that I had never seen in any art history book of mine.

I was too cold and tired to go out after returning from the museum treks, so I ordered in, which turned out to be a great idea since I got to eat dinner with one of the staff members and his girlfriend, Martin and Barbara. It´s much easier to learn about a country by eating dinner with locals than by reading guidebooks or going out to bars. And more enjoyable, in my opinion. Plus, I´m feeling sick and need to save up my energy for tango lessons tomorrow!

One last thing, for my dad: Yes, the toilets do flush clockwise. I checked three different bowls.


Dharshan said...

We enjoy reading your blog Min. Hope you see some sun soon! -Dharshan, Corey, Amaya

Mikhil said...

Hey Min!!

Don't forget to get a good dose of LNA (late night activities)...
helps kill the cloudy day blues :)

Be careful with the absente!!


Mimi said...

I'm completely entertained reading your blog. It's what I do when Jayan takes a nap. Enjoy the rest of your travels! - Mimi

jenna said...

mikhil bopiah is my hero.
best advice EVER.