Saturday, August 4, 2007

In love again

The sun shone today for the first time since I arrived on Monday, and I am in love with Buenos Aires again. It may have helped that I had a tango lesson this morning, and am now addicted. Or that I have wonderful friends at home, who quickly responded to my advice-seeking email with reassurances that I am not a social pariah. Or, my Spatalian is getting better (one shopkeeper told me I spoke Spanish like a Brazilian, which, despite my limited knowledge of Brazil, flattered me since there´s nothing worse than sounding like an American).

I´ve finally figured out how to post photos from my camera, so here´s a few- just random street scenes. Thank you all for your posts and reading this blog; it´s made traveling solo much more fun.

1 comment:

Sherif said...

an indian american who knows italian speaks spanish like a brazilian. you crazy girl.