Monday, August 27, 2007

Kuala Lumpur and Bali

Photos from Kuala Lumpur...

The Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers. Not a postcard shot, but it proves I was there.

Little India in KL.

My desperate attempt to evade the lingering scent of bird poop with mogra.

Rescued by my new favorite hairdresser.

As for Bali, it is too beautiful for words...

Thinking of my mom, who would like the flower, but reprimand me for not wearing earrings.

The Resort at which I am staying, located on a hillside. The huts seen here are private cabanas for spa treatments.

One of the stops on my cycling tour of Ubud, next to the cave temple pictured below.

Balinese girls coming home from school. Today was a festival because of the full moon, which is why they are in traditional Balinese dress. The locals here are incredibly friendly, running out of their yards to say hello and kids holding out their hands for you as you ride by.

Lotus flowers.

Cooking class. I think I'm rolling a spring roll. I doubt I will ever do this again.

Cycling tour across rice paddies of Ubud.

Cave temple in Ubud. I think the guy insisted on being in the photo.

The scented oil and rose petal bath I got to take tonight. I've decided that every woman should know what it's like to have rose petals cling to you as you come out of a bath.

More tomorrow. Miss you all immensely.


Amrit said...

I want you to make the spring rolls for us!!!!!

Emily said...

Those pictures are great... and are those the buildings from Entrapment?

Dharshan said...

Looks great Min. I like the captions with each photo too :)